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Technology continues to evolve rapidly, providing opportunities for enterprising individuals to create new technologies and innovative uses for existing technologies. This study equips students with the knowledge and skills required to adapt to a dynamic technological landscape, including the ability to identify emerging technologies, envisage new uses for digital technologies and consider the benefits that these technologies can bring to society at a local and at a global level.

VCE Applied Computing facilitates student-centered learning that enables students to build capabilities in critical and creative thinking, and to develop communication and collaboration, and personal, social and information and communications technology (ICT) skills. Students are provided with practical opportunities and choices to create digital solutions for real-world problems in a range of settings.

VCE Applied Computing provides a pathway to further studies in areas such as business analysis, computer science, cybersecurity, data analytics and data science, data management, games development, ICT, networks, robotics, software engineering and telecommunications, and other careers relating to digital technologies.


This study enables students to:

  • understand how digital systems and solutions can be used by individuals and organisations

  • develop an understanding of the roles and applications of cybersecurity, data analytics and


  • apply the problem-solving methodology to analyse needs and opportunities, design and develop

    solutions to problems and evaluate how effectively solutions meet needs and opportunities

  • apply project management techniques to assist with the development of digital solutions

  • develop an informed perspective on current and emerging digital technologies and disseminate


  • identify and evaluate innovative and emerging opportunities for digital solutions and technologies

  • develop critical and creative thinking, communication and collaboration, and personal, social and

    ICT skills.


The study is made up of six units.

Unit 1: Applied computing
Unit 2: Applied computing Unit 3: Data analytics
Unit 4: Data analytics
Unit 3: Software development Unit 4: Software development

Note: students may elect to undertake one or both of these Units 3 and 4 sequences.

Applied Computing

Applied Computing

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