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The Physical Education (P.E.) and Health program at Colac Secondary College is designed to increase and maximise student participation, whilst creating a non-threatening environment, one that is conducive to learning. Our aim is to teach students about the value of physical activity and health. It is important that students develop the necessary skills to take control of their own health.


P.E. and Health are integrated as a core subject for Years 7–9. At Years 7–9, students undertake 5 lessons per 3-week teaching cycle. In Year 10, students choose from a variety of elective subjects. Year 10 students have 10 lessons per 3-week teaching cycle.

Year 7

  • Physical Education: Lifelong Fitness, Teamwork and Tactics, Fundamental Motor Skills, Gymnastics, Dance

  • Health: Nutrition, Personal Development/Bullying


Year 8

  • Physical Education: Lifelong Fitness, Badminton, Gymnastics, Dance, Thinking Soccer

  • Health: Harm Minimisation: Rethinking Drinking, Human Anatomy


Year 9

  • Physical Education: Lifelong Fitness, Games and Tactics: Handball, Games and Tactics: Volleyball, Dance

  • Health: Sexual Health and Safety, Harm Minimisation: Drug


Year 10

  • Students are offered a choice of semester-long specialist elective subjects including Sports Leadership, Team Sports, Dance, Weight and Fitness Training.




This program has received many awards and is recognized as the benchmark in leadership training through coaching. The program gives students a unique opportunity to learn coaching and umpiring skills and ultimately coach primary school children for a special Gala Day. The course also offers students information about the sports administration industry and teaches students event organisation and initiative. At the end of the unit, students also participate in a challenging sailing camp to test their newly-acquired leadership skills.


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