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The aim of the Science Department is to develop the following attributes in our students:

  • A deep interest and positive attitude towards science

  • The ability to understand and use scientific conventions and reports with confidence

  • The appropriate use of scientific language

  • The development of analytical thinking and problem solving strategies

  • To recognize and understand our current world with a scientific perspective


Students study a varied curriculum in Years 7–10 with the opportunity of choosing electives in Year 10. These electives are designed to provide students with an insight into Year 11 subjects as well as to engage students in areas they are interested in.

Current electives include Chemistry, Biology, Physics and General Science.

A unique program at Year 10 allows students to study each of the four electives for one term so they are able to make informed choices of their Science subjects for VCE.

Students take part in a variety of activities that include practical experiments, data analysis, research projects, oral presentations, role plays, class discussions, written comprehension and computer simulations.


There are many opportunities to experience the different aspects of Science through excursions. Recent outings have included visits to Melbourne Zoo and Scienceworks.


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