Lord/Lady Somers Camp

From the 15th to the 21st of January, I was lucky enough to attend the Lady Somers Camp, also known as ‘Big Camp’. Big Camp is an experience like no other.

I was one of 100 girls chosen from over 300 applicants. I was put into a group with 19 other girls around my age. They were all strangers to me, from different backgrounds, locations and schools. There were the loud ones, the quiet ones, the ones who are normally leaders and the ones who let people lead them, the athletic, the less active and some who have a slight disability.

I was pushed past my comfort zone and to the point of exhaustion. You are put in unique and challenging situations that show that you can do more than you think. You live and work together as a team and learn to accept and encourage other people’s strengths and differences.

I have come out of the Lady Somers Camp with19 new sisters and I now know that

when I think I have reached my limit and can’t do it anymore that I actually have it in me to go on. I strongly recommend and encourage anyone to apply for these camps. Even if you don’t think you could go to a camp where you don’t know anyone, still send your application in. I didn't think I would be able to do it because I was very quiet and lacking confidence but I came out with great memories and friends and learnt a lot about myself. So just apply and

if you get in just “Play The Game”. I look forward to going back again next year as a staff member.

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