Girls Football

On Tuesday May 23rd, we had a team of female footballers travel down to Apollo Bay to participate in the Coastal Sport Division Competition. Due to a few late withdrawals, we were left with just 17 players, which would not allow for any interchanges during the games.

Our first game was against a combined Lorne and Apollo Bay team. We started out well with Keira Coverdale exerting her dominance in the ruck, while Emily Sproules worked hard in the midfield. Jasmin Fowler was also finding plenty of the ball and it was Ebony Armistead who found space in our forward line to kick our first goal. Brooke Hawkins was really solid in the backline as well. At half time, a few positional changes were made. None more damaging than moving Brooke to the forward line, where she kicked two goals in 5 minutes. Bianca Perry also managed to kick a beautiful goal on the run. The end score was CSC 5 2 32 def Lorne/A-Bay 0 2 2.

Our second game was against the Trinity A side. Our girls again started off really well and matched the more experienced Trinity side in the tackling and skill level. The ball found its way into our forward line on a number of occasions, but we just couldn’t find the goal we were searching for. We again tried some positional moves, and this time Brooke’s marking in the backline would have saved 5-6 goals in the second half. The end result did not go our way, but the girls did an amazing job considering the opposition consisted of players from the Colac Youth Girls Team.

Our third and final game was against the Trinity B side – who again consisted of experienced players. We started the game off well again, and it was Ebony again who found the goals in the first half. Scores were close at half-time, however our girls were out on their feet due to having no rotations! Eventually we went down in a gallant effort.

The day was finished off with Melbourne FC Player and Colac export Shelley Scott presenting a trophy to the winning side and also presenting a medallion for the player of the day. Brooke Hawkins was Runner-Up in the MVP, which was a great reward for her effort and skill level shown.

All of the girls had a great day and it was a great experience for them to play a sport they had never played before.

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