Kitchen Garden / Indigenous Food Plant Garden

A big thank you to Heather McCallum for her hard work in establishing and maintaining the kitchen garden next to the Food Technology kitchens.

It began with lots of different herbs being planted as well as some vegetables and a lemon and lime tree. As native food plants and how they are used are part of the new Year 11 Food Studies course and Year 10 Global Goodies subject Heather has added a selection of edible natives. These include Warrigal greens, Bush peppermint, Mountain Pepper, Lemon Myrtle, Black Plum, Native Guava, Pulsane, Davidson's Plum, White Elder, Prickly Currant Bush, Murrong Yam Daisy, Pig face and Austral Storks Bill.

Heather has also started a book which documents all relevant information regarding the indigenous plants. Both the plants and book will be a great resource for our students. Thanks again to Mrs. Heather McCallum.

Mrs. Karen Tomlinson

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