Colac Secondary College Fishing Club

At the end of last term 23 students from our Fishing Club had an early start to their school day. The students left at 7.00am and were off to Warrnambool to try their luck at catching fish in the Hopkins River, as part of their extra-curricular education here at Colac Secondary College. The students have been attending regular meetings all year and together with staff have discussed and organised the excursion. Information about the types of fish, relevant bait, correct tackle and fishing rigs were the main topics mentioned during the meetings. Students also looked at: Catch and Release fishing, Pack Out everything you Pack In (Leave no footprint Excursions) and keep only correct size fish. Colac Police Youth Officer Terry Woodcroft attended meetings and spoke about Community expectations of student groups in public and students representing themselves and the school whilst in the community Water Safety and being aware of your environment were also discussed by staff members: Stephen Gill, Michael Cole and Emily Donald. Although only a few fish were caught and released the Fishing Club members had a great day and were able to work in a new environment to improve their techniques, skills and knowledge of fishing. The Fishing Club students would like to thank the school and everyone concerned for helping; especially their parents for bringing them to school at 6.30am. T. Missen, N. Riches, S. Gill

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