Malaysia Learning Experience

On Tuesday July 11th, twelve students and two staff members including me, departed Colac Secondary College for a 10 day learning tour to Malaysia. The first component of the tour was a 5 day home stay and school visit to our sister school, SABS. Our students were spread across 12 different families and immersed themselves in the Malaysian culture. The school day started at 7.30 in the morning and often would conclude at 5pm at night. During the day, our students would attend classes, undertake cultural lessons, language classes and participate in a wide variety of different activities. At night students would go home to their family. This life was very different to life in Colac due to food, religion, beliefs and expectations. The school visits highlighted lots of differences in attitudes towards school and school structure. Malay students would spend hours completing homework each night, attend classes with an average size of 45 students and work in poorly maintained buildings. The school experience was very positive for our students and they conducted themselves exceptionally well. The second component of the tour involved travelling as a group to major tourist destinations. We visited Kuala Lumpur where we visited Batu caves, the Petronis Towers, KL Tower and spent some time shopping and relaxing. After a busy two weeks, we arrived home late last week to be welcomed by lots of very excited families. I would like to congratulate all the students involved in the tour. All students were exceptional ambassadors for Colac Secondary College and Australia. Their positive attitude and willingness to give their best effort on all occasions made me very proud. I enjoyed every component of the trip due to the way all students challenged themselves. I have already started to plan a return trip within the next 3 years due to the overwhelming success.

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