Year 10 Health Day

On Tuesday, August 29, the year ten students attended a health day. The day included learning about mental health /anxiety, sexual health, coping with trauma etc.

During the first session we were split into groups based on our personalities. We then had Terry Woodcroft, Julie Halifax and staff from the Youth Health Hub, talk about issues in society involving our age group and the people that are there to help.

During the second session we took part in physical activities in the new stadium. These included: 15 minute games of ‘tug of war’, ‘balloon train’, ‘cross the river’ and noughts and crosses using hoops. These activities were to help us learn more skills such as: working in teams and communication. After these activities we had a BBQ lunch in the library courtyard, as well as banana smoothies.

During the final two sessions we all had different activity stations where we learnt about contraception, gambling, drugs and alcohol. We then participated in fitness activities of yoga and boxing. We also learnt about the our taste buds and the pleasures of eating different foods.

Overall it was a very educational day, where year 10 students had the chance to learn about health, whilst enjoying themselves.

By Mia Carson

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