VCE Physical Education-bioLAB excursion

Year 11 students took the opportunity to visit Geelong’s bioLAB at Deakin University last week, to further investigate the concepts and applications of their studies this term. The government supported program ‘Winning Edge’ is designed to give students a hands on introduction to university and research level anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. It is a great guide to exercise, health and medical science career pathways as well. The Winning Edge program is run from the brand new state of the art School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences at Deakin Waurn Ponds Campus. Students experienced a variety of technologies allowing them to measure force, gait analysis and predict VO2 max and power. The day began with investigations into the anatomy for human movement using various models of moveable joints, bones and muscles. This knowledge was then, transferred to a gymnasium where students experience the use of weights machines and free weight to identify specific muscle group development. For some students the most engaging investigation was the measurement of the forces imposed on the body by their own walking and running actions. Built in force plates in the biomechanics lab measured the forces and the direction of these forces allowing for further analysis of movement gaits. The final lab saw students exert some energy by having their predicted VO2 consumption measured. Most of the content presented complemented work currently carried out in classes this term allowing students a better understanding of their course content. Mrs J Murfitt

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