Wellbeing - Health & Wellbeing sessions

'The Man Cave'

It has been a busy Term 3 for Wellbeing. On Tuesday August 27 the Year 9 students had a Health & Wellbeing Day over at Central Reserve. This was an ‘all-day’ event. The male students spent the day with ‘MAN CAVE’ a vibrant, and exciting group of young men that facilitate healthy masculinity for boys and young men. Man Cave are experts in youth-engagement strategies and facilitation. Their work is primarily prevention and to provide students with tangible skills. They aim for long-term engagement and positive behaviour change. The boys were part of interactive sessions and ‘talking groups’ they were encouraged to be open and honest and to discuss topics that are often not talked about in their friendship circles. We are hoping to welcome Man Cave back in 2020!

The girls had a great day and we were pleased to see some lovely sunshine on the day. We were pleased to see the girls interacting so positively with each other. They were respectful of others and willing to share their thoughts and opinions. In Year 10 we have also been running Health & Wellbeing Sessions this Term. Topics covered in these Sessions have included:  Mental Health  Sexual Health  Safe Partying  Pornography  Respectful Relationships Once again, the students provided healthy discussions on these topics.

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