Colac Show Animal Nursery

For the Colac Show weekend, students from Colac Secondary ran the animal nursery. The weeks before the nursery opened, students worked hard to prepare; from creating fact sheets and information booklets to going to the show grounds on October 31st to set up. On November 2nd & 3rd Year 9, 10 and 12 students volunteered at the animal nursery. The nursery included a variety of animals such as: puppies, kittens, a deer, donkeys, goats/kids, rabbits, reptiles and many more animals which were kindly donated by local community members. The students were constantly making sure animals had all their comforts. Students rotated the animals that went into the petting area to ensure the animals were getting breaks, and that the visitors were getting to experience a diverse range of animals to pat. After two busy days at the Show, students and Ms Sauro packed up the pens and equipment after the owners reunited with their animals. On behalf of Colac Secondary College we would like to say a big thank you to Ms Sauro for organising the three days, and to anyone who helped out on the day, or donated their animals. By Lily Warren and Emily Box.

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