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Six Colac Secondary College year 11 students (Hunter Ellis, Joe Broomfield, Ella Harwood, Nate Hitchings, Indigo Dewar and Jude Emmerton) are in the final preparation phase for the 2023 AKD Kokoda Trek. The group, which also consists of six Year 11’s from Trinity College and AKD Staff have been training twice per week since February to prepare physically for the gruelling 8-day trek. The trek is a 96km hike through the Owen Stanley ranges will consist of steep climbs and long descents all through muddy trails. We visit some significant landmarks and battle sites which are infamous to the Kokoda Campaign in World War 2. With less than a month to go, excitement is building for the group in what will sure be a trip of a lifetime.


Hunter - On the 14th of June 6 CSC students have been given the opportunity to walk the Kokoda trek in Papua New Guinea alongside 6 students from Trinity College Colac and 6 AKD staff. This trip is sponsored by AKD. The Kokoda track marks the course of one of the most important battles for Australians in the Second World War.

Indigo - The track is 96km long which we will be walking for 8 days. Both Hunter and I have been lucky to be selected and feel very privileged to been given this opportunity along with, Jude Emerton, Joe Broomfield, Nate Hitchings and Ella Harwood. Mr Treweek will be the teacher attending from CSC.

Hunter - The Kokoda Trek is a very physically and mentally challenging walk. In addition to the physical challenge, there is also a big focus on leadership and team work. It is this aspect that we are enjoying developing and hope to apply some of the learning in different opportunities throughout our school community.

Indigo - We have been training since February. The training consists of personal training session on Tuesday and Thursdays at 6.00am at varied places in Colac for example we have trained at the Botanic Gardens, Central Reserve, Eastern Reserve and Elliminyt Recreation Reserve. The trainings are preparing us for the physical demand of the trip. We have also undertaken training camps which consist of extended hikes and trekking with our 15kg packs.

Hunter - Thus far, the group has formed a close connection and it’s a credit to AKD and both schools for allowing this opportunity to happen. Our trek is in less than 2-months and as our preparation is ramping up significantly, we are all really looking forward to the challenge.


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