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Our Technology program gives students the knowledge and skill to produce quality products that solve problems or meet needs. Students use a range of equipment and resources in developing their product using the technology process of investigating, designing, producing and evaluating.



Year 7

  • Students have 8 periods a fortnight of Technology for one semester in Year 7. In their Technology classes, students will cover a variety of topics and media, including: Safety, Designing Investigating, Wood Production, Metal Production, Plastics, Electronics, Evaluation


Year 8

  • Students will complete a semester each of Food and Wood/Metal. The classes have 4 periods per fortnight.


Year 9

  • Consists of electives where students complete two semester-length units over the year. The classes have 6 periods per fortnight. The following areas are offered: Food, IT Applications, Music Technology, Photography, Textiles and Wood.


Year 10

  • Consists of electives where students complete a minimum of one semester-length unit. The classes have 10 periods per fortnight. The same study areas as Year 9 are offered.



  • Students have the opportunity to further their studies in the Technology area in studies such as Product Design & Technology (Wood or Textiles), Food & Technology and Information Technology.


Students will produce a number of production items that will be assessed throughout the semester. They will have a journal for assessment that will contain a record of their design processes, handouts on the various topics, written projects and homework. Some of their work will be presented using ICT.


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