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The Buddy Program exists at Colac Secondary College to support the transition process for the year six students from primary to secondary school. The role of the Buddies is to provide a friendly face for the new students, to support them on their visits and to provide valuable information about the way Colac Secondary College works from a student’s point of view.

Prior to Orientation Day our Buddies are selected from our Year 9 cohort and are given intensive training in ‘get to know you’ games, ice breakers and initiative activities. They also learn how to deal with the possibility of upset students, students that won’t participate and how to include everyone. The Buddy role continues the following year where our Buddies work alongside our new Year 7 students in their classroom.

The program not only helps the Year 6 students feel at ease in their new surroundings but it is an excellent opportunity for our Year 9 students to gain leadership experience.

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