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The Year 9 Curriculum introduces students to Careers, Community, Connections (CCC). It provides students with a wide variety of experiences both at school and in the community. We are offering our students a new and exciting method of learning, to best prepare them before they enter their senior stage of education.


Students are involved in a variety of Community Programs. This may include programs at Aged Care and Early Childhood or local Primary Schools. Year 9’s also undertake a Careers Module. They complete the Morrisby Careers Insights Tool and Career Action Plans, Deakin FutureMe Program, and are involved in Mock Interviews with a range of local employers. Getting students out of their comfort zone to development and enhance their leadership qualities and teamwork skills is also a major focus of Year 9. There are plenty of extra curricular activities for Year 9’s to be involved in; The Great Ocean Hike overnight camp, Melbourne Urban Camp, Just Think Program with the Geelong Football Club and a Self-Defence Program.


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