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It is a requirement at Colac Secondary College that all students in Year 7-12 have a laptop.

Colac Secondary College are proud to partner with Learning With Technologies (LWT) to offer our students the very best laptops for student engagement & learning for many years to come.

A very easy to use online portal with laptop options hand picked by our ICT team and the team at LWT.  The LWT portal offers many payment options including BPay, Credit Card & LayBy. Optional extras also include laptop bags, extended warranty, & headphones. 

If you or your family have any questions there is a ‘Contact Us’, Frequently Asked Questions’ and ‘How To Get Support’ option on the portal. Alternatively, families can contact the ICT department at the College by calling on 52319800.

Although highly recommended, there is no obligation for families to purchase through the LWT portal and students can bring a laptop from home or purchase from any retail store.  For more details regarding the requirements and specifications please contact the ICT Department

Specifications for students not purchasing through LWT are:  Windows 10 or 11, 8GB, Core i5 or i3, 256 SSD. NO IPADS, CHROMEBOOKS,WINDOWS VERSION S OR WINDOWS HOME EDITIONS.

Students in Year 10 & 11 preferring to purchase a MacBook can click on the link below to the JB Hi-Fi portal with MacBooks.

No obligation to purchase through the LWT portal.

Students in Year 7-12 who need a new device have the opportunity to click on the LWT link and purchase one of the laptops that suits your budget and needs.

Students wishing to purchase a Macbook can do so by clicking on the JB Hi-Fi link below. All Macbooks on the portal have been approved by the school and will receive their Macbook at Education prices. Please use the COLAC24 code to enter the portal.

The devices nominated on this portal have been selected by Colac Secondary College to best meet the curriculum and technical requirements for student learning.


Colac Secondary College will be providing all Year 7 students with a laptop sleeve at no cost to families. Families can also purchase a laptop bag upon checkout if you choose to.


IMPORTANT DISCOUNT: To keep costs to a minimum Colac Secondary College will provide each Year 7 student (2024) with a $150 discount voucher towards their device. Vouchers must be obtained prior to proceeding with purchase to receive this discount.


To receive your voucher email the ICT Leader,


All items purchased will be delivered to the school in January 2024. Devices will be distributed to students in the first 2 weeks of term 1.

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