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Colac Secondary College is committed to making a positive difference in the educational outcomes for all students. Our school focuses on setting high academic expectations for all children and providing supportive systems to assure they are met. Guided by our core values of Respect, Responsibility, Doing Your Best and Honesty, we continually work hard to shape a positive school culture, set high standards, increase academic expectations for all students and engage with the community to create authentic learning experiences for our students. It is our goal to ensure that all students exceed their potential and get access to a diverse and engaging education.

In recent years the College has been involved in a significant capital works program that is now complete. This has resulted in students having access to ‘stand-alone’ learning communities, the Colac Community Library and Learning Centre, and specialist learning centres that focus on Science, Agriculture, Art and Technology, Performing Arts and Food Technology. I encourage you to visit our school and see the outstanding facilities. Our school buildings have been enhanced by new sporting fields, an expansion of the Bluewater Fitness centre and Trade Training Centre that offers Automotive, Building and Construction and access to Hospitality.

Our school focuses on value adding to all students, accepting that individuals have different academic abilities and social and developmental needs that require supporting and nurturing to ensure maximum development. Our school community is arranged into three Learning Communities – Years 7 & 8, Years 9 & 10 and Years 11 & 12. These communities cater for the different developmental stages of learning and provide an environment where students work with other individuals of similar age and have similar learning needs. Our school structure ensures that as students grow and develop throughout their education journey they will be able to access the individualised programs that cater for their needs and ensure a suitable pathway into further education or employment.

Maximising your child’s outcomes requires learning that goes beyond the classroom. Colac Secondary College offers a wide range of leadership programs and activities that assists with a wide and varied approach to individual development. Success is achieved through developing effective partnerships and communication with parents and learning opportunities within the local community. We maximise the Colac Community Library and Learning Centre, offer extensive sporting, arts and cultural activities for all students, and offer opportunities for local, interstate and overseas learning experiences.

I would like to invite you and your family to experience our college and I would be willing to meet with you and discuss your child’s needs.
I can be contacted at the College on 5231 9800 or by email on

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