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Surf Life Saving Camp 2023

 Our Year 9 Surf Lifesaving legends took on the waves at Wye River and achieved their bronze Medallion to start their surf lifesaving journey! 🌟

In the last week of November, these future surf lifesavers embarked on a five-day journey that wasn't just about waves – it was about building mateship, respect, tackling challenges, and full-on participation. 🤝🌅

From sunrise workouts to run-swim-runs, theory sessions, and epic team challenges like the Amazing Race and Capture the Flag, our crew kept busy from 7 am till 10 pm every day. 🌞🔥

Despite the challenging weather conditions, student's morale remained high as they developed the skills crucial to be surf lifesavers. Battling challenging surf conditions daily, they mastered self-survival techniques, aquatic rescues, and the skills and techniques for patrolling our shores this summer. 🌊🆘

These legends are gearing up for summer patrols, dedicating their holidays to keeping our beaches safer. 🏖️💙 Not just lifesavers, but true-blue Aussie heroes!

Patrol hours bring more than just service; they open the door to exciting surf carnival competitions, where our bronzies will ride the waves on boards, surf skis and IRB's, meet the surf lifesaving community, and soak up the fun of friendly competition. 🏆🎉

But it doesn't end there – some of these stars will become mentors in Year 10 continuing their surf lifesaving journey, shaping the next wave of bronzies to become confident surf lifesavers. 🌟🤙

So, slap on some zinc, grab your boardies, and join us in cheering on these rising stars!


Copper Wilson 

The Wye River surf lifesaving camp is a wonderful experience for those who want a chance to gain great friendships with mentors and Bronzies alike. The bronze medallion qualifications are helpful for future jobs and or other career paths, the reason l am here is to teach a new set of skills to a new group of people.


One of my highlights would have to be getting down to Wye River SLSC and going for a fang in the IRB. (inflatable rescue boat)


One of the many things you will miss at the Wye River bronze camp is sleep, but there is plenty of opportunity for friendly banter with your mates and new friends.


There is so much this camp has to offer, from the great activities to watching the sunrise on the beach to meeting great people who come everywhere to make this camp such a great success.


Takira Mason 

The Wye River Surf life-saving camp is a week-long camp for the year 9’s to Achieve their bronze medallion. I am coming back to the camp from doing my bronze medallion the previous year. I am a mentor to help the year 9’s with the challenges they face during the camp. A highlight of the camp is meeting new people and making new friendships over the week. A hardship I have faced is being there for the year 9’s in the ocean but also being there for myself. Another highlight from the camp is relearning skills I might’ve forgotten since I did my bronze medallion like how to do CPR or first aid. Overall, I will keep coming back for as long as I can because it is the best camp I have ever been involved in.


Hudson Dewar

Wye River Bronze Medallion camp

The year 9 surf life-saving camp has been filled with highlights, adventures and challenges. A group of year 9 students, and a few staff are in Wye River to get their bronze medallion along with the help of the mentors. We have filled our days with theory, swimming, and activities. A highlight for me is getting in the water and performing the board rescues and the tube rescues. A challenge is swimming in the Wye chop when a massive set filled in and got thrown in the washing machine three waves in a row. I have also enjoyed learning about water safety and first aid to assist us in the future.


Lara Taylor 

Saturday 26th of November 2023 our year 9 surf life-saving class drove down to Wye River early in the morning. 


We are here for a class called Surf lifesaving. One of my highlights of this camp was everyone encouraging each other and getting along with each other being normal people one of my other highlights is the physical activity trying hard and pushing each other through the hard times working together and no put-downs 


The low light of the camp was the tired muscles and sore joints from working so hard to get to the right place and all the swimming being tired from the early wake up and creative wake up noises.


That's the great experience of my surf lifesaving camp. 


Freya Jones

I’m Freya Jones, this is my second year mentoring for the CSC bronze camp, after I completed my bronze course 3 years ago, this club and opportunity changed my life. I love seeing the new Bronzies come together every year to complete 5 days of theory lessons, fitness sessions, and the gruelling run swim run. Each year there is hesitation from the bronzies but the supportive environment at Wye River SLSC is so encouraging that everyone gives it a go. This year I’ve seen people's confidence double after completing the run, swim, run it’s an amazing feeling. This camp brings people together, I’ve made some of the most amazing friends at Wye and so have so many other people, the club is my family, my home away from home, I love to see this beautiful place become that for new people every year. WYEORDIE!!


Tye Hitchings 

The year 9 surf life-saving camp has been filled with highlights, adventures and challenges. The instructors, mentors and other members of the club have been giving us heaps of knowledge for the final tests and general knowledge for at the beach. My highlight has been the run swim runs. 


Tess Russell 

The bronze camp at Wye River is an awesome event. Being a mentor, this year has been such a rewarding experience. It has not only been a great opportunity to further my skills by putting them into action, but has also been incredible to share my knowledge with those completing their bronze medallion and watching them grow. The highlight of my time on this camp has been getting in the water and playing lots of fun games on the beach.


Brodie Kerr

The best part is hanging around with everyone. 

The low that I need to improve is the run swim run. 

And finally, I like, theory learning about DRSABC 





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