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The creative nature of the visual arts provides individuals with the opportunity for personal growth, the expression of ideas and a process for examining identity. Exhibitions of artworks offer an insight into the diverse interpretations of life and experiences of artists. Engagement with artworks facilitates creative thinking and the development of new ideas; it also supports connection and exchange within local, national and global communities.

VCE Studio Arts encourages and supports students to recognise their individual potential as artists and develop their understanding and development of art making.

VCE Studio Arts broadens students’ understanding of, and ability to engage with, artworks. It equips students with the knowledge and skills to pursue an art studio practice and follow tertiary and industry pathways in fine art, research and education. The study also offers students opportunities for personal development and encourages them to make an ongoing contribution to society and the culture of their community through lifelong participation in the making and viewing of artworks.


This study enables students to:

  • express themselves creatively through art making and come to understand how to support and sustain their art practice

  • develop an individual studio process, and practise and refine specialised skills appropriate to particular art forms and media selected for art making

  • analyse and draw inspiration from the ways in which artists apply studio processes in the production of their individual artworks

  • develop an understanding of historical and cultural contexts in the production and analysis of artworks

  • develop and apply skills in visual analysis, including the use of appropriate terminology in relation to their own artwork and artists studied

  • extend their understanding of the roles and methods involved in the presentation of artworks in a range of gallery and exhibition spaces

  • develop an understanding of professional art practices related to the exhibition of artworks to an audience, including the roles and methods involved in the presentation of artworks in a range of gallery and exhibition spaces.



The study is made up of four units:
Unit 1: Studio inspiration and techniques
Unit 2: Studio exploration and concepts
Unit 3: Studio practices and processes
Unit 4: Studio practice and art industry contexts

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