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State School Spectacular

The State School Spectacular experience was an incredible opportunity for our students. For quite a few of our dancers, it was their first chance to spend an extended period of time in Melbourne. We took trains, trams, and busses for our journey, and while the first day was a bit overwhelming for some students, by Saturday they were all experts. They knew where we were and were able to lead the way for us to tram stops, the hotel, and John Cain Arena. It was a fabulous experience for the dancing as well, but it was awesome to see how much independence they were able to gain over the weekend.

We had seven Year 7’s, three Year 8’s, two Year 10’s and one Year 12. For some, it was their first time doing State School Spectacular but for others they had participated in primary school, and our year 12 had been participating since year 7.

Well done to everyone involved.


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