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The Year 9 students will be divided into 2 groups and undertake this

‘extended curriculum program’ for half a day per week for the whole year.



This program will have a number of themes throughout the year which may include (but not limited to)


  • Employability skills Careers and Transition Community

  • Partnership projects

  • Building social relationships

  • Personal Challenges and Goals

  • Education Options

  • Responsibility Development

  • Developing an udnerstanding of being part of our local community


Student Engagement in determining their own learning

This program aims to have students actively engaged in determining their own learning through a series of guided activities to develop independence and greater management of personal learning.


Students will be working in a range of settings and will always need to be aware of their surrounding community and the opportunities that are afforded to them by;

  • Businesses  

  • Volunteer groups    

  • Organisations like employment agencies


Students will be challenged with the concept of making the school and their community a better place to be a part of by linking learning with action.



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