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In Year 9, students use their knowledge to pose different types of questions that can be investigated using a range of inquiry skills. They apply their knowledge of science to explain phenomena in the environment and their own lives and describe how knowledge has developed through the work of scientists. Students plan experimental procedures which include the accurate control and measurement of variables. They identify inconsistencies in results and suggest reasons for uncertainty in data. They use scientific language and representations when communicating their results and ideas.




1.    Science Understanding

  • •    Biological sciences

  • •    Chemical sciences

  • •    Earth and space sciences

  • •    Physical sciences


2.    Science as a Human Endeavour

  • •    Nature and development of science

  • •    Use and influence of science

3.    Science Inquiry Skills

  • •     Questioning and predicting

  • •     Planning and conducting

  •      Processing and analysing data and information

  •      Evaluating and communicating


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