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In Year 9, students expand and factorise algebraic expressions and solve problems involving simple interest. Students solve linear equations using graphical and algebraic techniques. They list outcomes, assign and determine probabilities for events; construct displays and investigate the position of the mean and median and describe the shape of the distribution. Students calculate areas of shapes and volume and surface area of right prisms. They investigate similar and congruent triangles and problems involving Pythagoras’ theorem. Students recognise the connection between similarity and the trigonometric ratios and use trigonometry to solve right-­‐angled triangle problems.



1.    Number and Algebra

  • •   Real numbers

  • •   Money and financial mathematics

  • •   Patterns and algebra

  • •   Linear and non-­‐linear relationships

2.    Measurement and Geometry

  • •  Using units of measurement

  • •  Geometric reasoning

  • •  Pythagoras and trigonometry

3.    Statistics and Probability

  • •  Chance

  • •  Data representation and interpretation


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